• Manufacturing Practices

At Kalaroma, Shaman Oil's parent company, product quality and safety considerations are paramount in each of our programs, processes, and operations. Our commitment to product quality is integral to every aspect of our company culture and is stressed in both our training procedures and within our ongoing performance expectations. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and quality of the products we manufacture for our customers and their consumers. We ensure that when the product is delivered to the customer, it complies with all requirements and exceeds customer expectation. Kalaroma has an effective, efficient and well-implemented Product Quality and Safety Program, including Hazard Analysis critical control point, Hazard Analysis Risk based preventive control, Threat Assessment critical control point, Vulnerability Assessment critical control point and Good Manufacturing practices. As members of various trade, technical and regulatory associations, we support environmental sustainability and the fight against product fraud. Furthermore, we’ve increased our already comprehensive supply chain’s integrity and transparency, which is achieved by applying an integrated set of countermeasures including: supply chain integrity systems, supplier management, responsible sourcing, traceability, authenticity testing, reporting and Product Quality and Safety Programs.

• Mission

To share the blessings of nature with our customers by providing premium quality products and creating a sustainable, eco-friendly, global supply chain from seed to bottle.”

• Vision

We aim for continuous growth and expansion in our business and field of expertise, to satisfy market needs and requirements.
Our top priority is to solidify our place in an ever-changing dynamic market and we are dedicated to bringing our clients the quality and service they deserve and demand.

• We focus on

-        Product leadership
-        Operational excellence
-        Customer intimacy
-        Pure quality
-        Sustainable supply
-        Artisanal distillation
-        Global network
-        Product Knowledge