P - 100% Pure & Natural
U - Unmatched Quality & Authentic
R - Reliable & Trusted Source
E - Every drop meets specification & Customer Satisfaction

Here at Shaman, we believe that our success depends on the safe supply of quality products to exceed our customer’s expectations. Through the development and implementation of rigorous quality systems, standards, and practices, we enhance the reputation of our products and maintain our customers’ confidence and satisfaction. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the products we procure and manufacture for our customers.

Our systematic assessments and quality systems provide the assurance that all raw materials used in our products meet stringent specifications and that every product meets quality standards and product label claims.Our quality system is based on four separate procedures.

• Pre-Shipment Quality Procedure:

Our Global Vendor Quality Management Program (GVQMP) qualifies the right vendors through a number of processes: audits, partnership agreements, and performance monitoring. All raw materials must meet Shaman’s strict quality standards. Our products are sourced only from our joint ventures and approved vendors and partners.

• Post-Shipment Quality Procedure:

Each and every delivery of raw materials that enters our warehouse undergoes thorough inspections. Shaman’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control laboratory is equipped with state-ofthe-art equipment to assure accurate and up-to-date analysis. Our staff is trained to conduct a wide variety of tests necessary to ensure the quality of the raw materials used in our products.

• Physical Quality Testing:

All oils are checked for color, odor, and consistency by our expert chemist and our certified aromatherapist.

• Chemical Quality Testing:

All oils are tested 4 ways:
   1. Refractive Index
   2. Optical Rotation
   3. Specific Gravity
   4. GCMS Analysis

Inspections are conducted throughout processing to ensure that our product meets our high standards. Our Finished Product Testing Program (FP-TP) requires each batch of finished product to be sampled and tested before being released. Pride and accountability are built into everything that bears our name. That’s why our trained Quality Assurance/Quality Control teams rigorously perform both scheduled and random testing throughout each phase of product manufacturing, maintaining exhaustive records of product profiles and performances. For each finished product leaving Shaman, there’s a fully traceable electronic record.

Exceeding our customers’ expectations is our top priority.