Our commitment to sustainability is evident and on-going. Our environmental promise to you:

» We endeavor to operate our business in an environmentally responsible manner while minimizing our environmental footprint. This includes compliance with regulatory requirements and resources.
» We place strong emphasis on continuous improvement by learning from our experiences and those of others.
» We apply scientific, economic, technical analysis to adopt and deliver the best practices aimed at protecting the environment for future generations.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  ✔ Recycling efforts with both water and landfill waste
  ✔ Possible reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  ✔ Alternative fuels, reduction of packaging waste and energy conservation

Our corporate headquarters is in Union, New Jersey, USA. Our global presence extends to ventures in:

  • Albania
  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Brazil
  • Morocco

Our recycling efforts from 2014 to present, have allowed us to save the following:

  ✔ 1,100,000+ kilowatt hours of electricity
  ✔ 17,300+ gallons of oil
  ✔ 4,100+ gallons of gasoline
  ✔ 2,000+ mature trees
  ✔ 1,200,000+ gallons of water
  ✔ 1,400+ cubic yards of landfill airspace

To put it into perspective, that is enough:

 → airspace to meet the disposal needs of a community of 21,367 people
 → to power 91 homes for a full year
 → energy to heat and cool 86 homes for a full year
 → gasoline to drive 115,073 miles
 → to save 25,459,963 sheets of paper

In addition to environmental responsibility we’ve committed to social responsibility. We support:

  ✔ Cancer research
  ✔ Camps for terminally ill children and their families
  ✔ Religious affiliations & churches
  ✔ Local and state law enforcement
  ✔ Local schools
  ✔ Local cultural organizations

We are also actively working on our ISO:14001 EMS - Environmental Monitoring System.

Albania Rain Forest

In compliance with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), our local plant uses traditional steam distillation techniques and we eliminate waste by running our steam boilers with the byproducts of our plant material.
We believe that teaching the community sustainable practices and procedures will benefit everyone. We have designed workshops to develop our farmers and raw material suppliers for hands-on training in our fields. We’ve instructed cultivators, traders, and exporters at industry conferences how to comply with sustainable practices and procedures.


In the middle of the desert, our business partnership is a thriving plantation. Our goal is total environmental efficiency, with minimal greenhouse gas effects.
In the oasis, we are proud of our continued sustainability efforts, including:

• Reduced fuel consumption: In order to reduce fuel consumption, we’ve tapped into natural underground freshwater springs, and all water treatment is conducted on site.
• Energy conservation: Solar panels are used for energy from housing to water pumps.
• Water conservation: Water is regulated through delicate humidity sensors in the soil.
• Carbon footprint reduction: Housing for employees and their families has been provided on premise reducing our carbon footprint.
• Sustainable food resources: Families grow their own vegetables and manage the livestock for food and dairy.
• Green cleaning: All cleaning on premise is done without the use of chemicals or harsh detergents, thereby not contaminating the land.


Our commitment to sustainability is real, and never-ending. And in acknowledging this, we pledge to:

• Organic farming: Utilizing California ringworms for ecological crop fertilization.
• Water conservation: Continually seeking ways to reduce water consumption without impacting our product’s integrity.
• Reduce waste: Increasing our recycling efforts to decrease landfill.
• Carbon footprint: Implementing strategies and initiatives to reduce greenhouse emissions.
• New technologies: On-going innovation to reduce packaging, waste, energy consumption and seeking alternative fuel resources.


• In efforts of sustainability and giving back as an organization, we have funded the building of a community church, a local school, and a soccer club for the children in Kherson, Ukraine.
• Increasing local employment: Employing over 100 people in our largest social project yet. Our industrial farming initiative positively impacts the lives of over 400 people.
• Reduction of food scarcity: We’ve leased over 10,000 acres from the Ukrainian government and have supported the local community in many ways. We are currently growing vegetables to aid the community while reserving over 2,500 acres for organic farming.