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4 Essential Oils to Incorporate Into Your Life

4 Essential Oils to Incorporate Into Your Life

For some, essential oils are simply an easy way to bring pleasant aromas into their life, ideal for unwinding after a difficult day and bringing calm to the chaos of life.

For others, they are a key part of living a happy, healthy life, with numerous health benefits that people have enjoyed for centuries.

Both are valid views. Whichever side you fall on, here are four essential oils worth considering as a positive addition to your life. As always, just be sure to be informed on the proper uses of any individual oil before you use it!

Orange Oil

It’s no secret that the smell of fresh oranges can be lively and uplifting, which is why it should come as no surprise that the essential oils derived from the peels of fresh oranges have been used to great effect for therapeutic purposes.

Orange essential oils have a calming, sedative effect that can be beneficial in easing our mood, making us feel content, and relieving anxiety. Whether used in a bath, in aromatherapy, or by other means, many have found that orange oil has made a positive impact on their life.

Sage Organic Oil

Sage, or Salvia officinalis, is a widely used herb originating in the Mediterranean and commonly used in cooking, but this member of the mint familiar is good for more than cooking with savory meats.

Sage essential oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which have led to it being included in the repertoire of herbalists for centuries. In fact, in a study conducted of a dozen different essential oils by the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, sage was among the most effective at combating E. Coli.

Lavender Oil

Widely used for several thousand years, lavender is a flowering plant native to Northern Africa and the Mediterranean which has become a beloved addition to perfumes, potpourri, soaps, and much more. It is also used in cooking.

Lavender has also been enjoyed for its therapeutic properties, with Lavender essential oil being used in baths, diffusers, during massages, and more. Lavender may help relieve muscle soreness, and its strong antifungal properties may assist with some skin conditions.

Juniper Organic Oil

Juniper, or Juniperus communis, is a type of evergreen tree with a fragrant, piney scent. Its tiny berries are used to give gin its unique flavor. Juniper is much more than a flavoring for an alcoholic beverage, though. Cultures throughout the world have used it for therapeutic purposes for a reason.

Juniper essential oils (such as Shaman Juniper Red or Shaman Juniper Berry) have been used to help aid in blood circulation to fight the affects of ailments like arthritis, to relieve cramps, and to alleviate swelling in the joints. Basically, uses that help promote activity and mobility.

There are dozens of essential oils available, each with unique properties and effects. Take a journey through the world of these oils and you’ll be delighted at what you discover!

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