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5 Ways to Express Yourself (and How it Will Improve Your Life)

5 Ways to Express Yourself (and How it Will Improve Your Life)

A life without expression is not a happy one. Whether expressing our emotions, our creative impulses, or our views, what are we here for if not to share these things with other people?

More important still, it’s often difficult to find true inner peace without also learning how to express ourselves.

This feeling is universal. You, your friends and neighbors, those of us here at Shaman Essential Oils, we HAVE to learn how to express what’s inside us in order to find contentment, and while social media helps a lot of people do that - we love posting to Instagram, for example - there are many other options. Here are five ways to express yourself, even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body:

Try Your Hand at Painting

Think you need experience? Think again! It doesn’t matter if you have no art experience. This isn’t about creating a masterpiece, it’s about expressing yourself.

Paint and canvas is available at affordable prices at your local craft store. Go get some. Take paint to canvas. It doesn't matter what you paint. Do whatever you like. Indulge in pure expression for its own sake. trust us, you’ll find it cathartic.

Indulge in Essential Oils

Using essential oils is more creative then you realize. Creating essential oil blends, finding creative ways to use essential oils for skincare, indulging in aromatherapy: there are so many ways to approach essential oils, we truly believe the process is highly creative!

Write the Book You've Always Wanted to Write

Few ways of providing yourself with a creative outlet are as satisfying as writing. It not only feels good to get your thoughts down on paper or onto the screen, it assists you in gathering your thoughts and getting more focused. Even more, seeing your words in print helps you understand yourself in a way you hadn’t before. And the best part of all? Doing this won’t cost you a dime.


It's that simple. There aren’t many things more pure and freeing than dancing. It’s part of who we are as human beings. When we find that place of pure expression by just letting loose and dancing, we feel free. Sometimes, if you find that you have something inside you that needs to come out, nothing expresses it better than dancing without a care in the world.


A companion to dancing in some ways, but a form of expression all its own, singing offers us a release unlike any other. It doesn't matter if you can't sing, either. The important part isn't perfection, it's how singing makes you feel.

There are countless other ways to express yourself, too. The one you choose is not important. What is important is that you find an outlet of some sort. Find what works for you and you’ll find that life’s roller coaster ride becomes a far smoother ride.

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