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6 Things You May Not Know About Essential Oils

6 Things You May Not Know About Essential Oils

The world of essential oils is vast and exciting, a mix of ancient tradition and modern innovation and pure bliss. At Shaman Essential Oils, we’ve been proud to be part of the thriving community building up around these time-tested, all-natural products. We’ve also been proud to have helped many others take their first steps into the world of essential oils.

It’s an especially exciting world because there is always something new to discover. For example, here are six things you may not know about essential oils:

They Technically Aren’t Oils

At least, not in the way we traditionally think of oils. Essential oils contain no lipids, aka fatty compounds. They leave no film or residue for this reason. Essential oils are volatile compounds, which means they evaporate quickly when exposed to the air. It’s why you can smell them instantly when you open a bottle. They are lipid soluble, which means they are easily dissolvable into oils and fats (which is one of the reasons why they pair well with carrier oils such as Shaman Argan Carrier Oil or Shaman Passion Fruit Carrier Oil).

They Have Been Used for Thousands of Years 

It may seems as if the widespread use of essential oils for health and wellness is a relatively new development, but in fact, they have been used in that way for thousands of years. Recipes are noted in Egyptian hieroglyphics, for example, and they are mentioned in the Bible. When you use essential oils, you are taking part in the grand tapestry of the human experience!

Essential Oils Have Documented Health Benefits

If thousands of years of use aren’t enough to convince you of their benefits, you’ll be happy to know that scientists are finally starting to give more serious study to how essential oils affect us. Even better? They are confirming what most of us already knew: the benefits are many, from mood enhancement to effects related to their many beneficial properties (antibacterial, etc.).

They Are Easily Absorbed By the Skin

It’s generally not recommended to use undiluted essential oils directly on the skin, or to do so only with very low doses. That’s for good reason. Essential oils are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream directly through the skin.

Their Full Variety is Still Undiscovered

While the huge array of essential oils available these days may seem overwhelming – for example, at Shaman Essential Oils, we have dozens available, such as Shaman Orange Oil and Shaman Rosemary Organic Oil – only about 10% of plant types in the world have been assessed to see what kind of essential oils they contain and how they can be utilized. That means we are only just starting to scratch the surface!

But Very Few Plants (So Far) Have Useful Essential Oils

Though mankind has tested and used only a small percentage of the plants in the world for their essential oils, it remains to be seen how many undiscovered oils are still out there. Thus far, only a small percentage of those we have experimented with actually produce essential oils that are beneficial and useful. Right now, less than 500 plant species produce usable essential oils, and only about 150 of them are useful for aromatherapy. And it took mankind centuries to discover them!

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