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Best Carrier Oils for Different Skin Types

Best Carrier Oils for Different Skin Types

For skin rejuvenation, it's hard to beat the combination of essential oils and pure carrier oils. Carrier oils are special vegetable oils that let your body absorb essential oils more effectively. Without mixing in carrier oils, it's easy for essential oils to evaporate before they can work their magic. In addition, carrier oils have a diluting effect which make it less likely that essential oils will cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Now, there's not a best carrier oil for essential oils. However, before you buy carrier oils online or in a vitamin store you should realize that certain oils work better with certain skin types. For that reason, we've listed some great combinations below. These pairings will hopefully make your experience with oils as reinvigorating as it could be.

People With Dry Skin

If your skin is dry, you might want to select sesame seed, rosehip, olive, or wheat germ oils. Almond oil is especially effective because the skin can take it in right away and it's able to retain moisture. Plus, almond oil is loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants.

Those With Oily Skin

Essential oils that might help ease oily skin are coconut, castor, safflower, hemp seed, and sunflower seed oils. Jojoba oil deserves special attention here because it's very similar to a human substance called sebum. The presence of jojoba oil can convince the sebaceous glands to stop secreting so much sebum, making the skin less oily and may reduce acne.

Older (and Wiser) Folks

Senior citizens and older generations can particularly benefit from wheat germ, kukui nut, apricot, and rosehip oil blends.

People Who Are Prone to Skin Reactions

Mild carrier oils are ideal for sensitive skin. Examples of these comforting, nurturing products include apricot, sesame seed, and sweet almond oils.

No Special Considerations

If your skin doesn't fall into any of the above categories, you may find these oils to be especially useful: grape seed, coconut, hemp seed, argan, and sunflower seed essential oils.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines. Many pure carrier oils work well with various skin types. Indeed, you may have noticed a few repeats among these lists.

Your best bet is to do a little experimenting when you start to buy carrier oils online. That way, you can find out which aromas really appeal to you and which oils do wonders for your skin. In the end, you may discover your own personal best carrier oil for essential oils.

When you have the right mixture of carrier oil and skin type, you might be surprised by what your essential oils can do. They may give you lower stress levels, fewer headaches, deeper sleep, better immune system functioning, and skin that's smoother, clearer, and stronger. In time, aromatherapy blends may be essential to your daily routine, and you might get a little carried away with your carrier oils. That's certainly how we feel!

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