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Green Cleaning Just in Time for the Holiday’s

As the holiday season approaches many of the gorgeous herbs we use in our culinary favorites have also been distilled into essential oils enabling us to use the herb in a whole new way. From refreshing to relaxation here are a few recipes to enjoy this Thanksgiving Season.

Coriander Leaf [Coriandrum sativum L]

One of the oldest spices mentioned in ancient literature has been used as part of food and ceremony for thousands of years. This fragrant yet subtle plant, has an aroma that is sweet, warm, and spicy. A good antifungal and helpful for headaches, Coriander’s best secret’s are released when it is blended with other essential oils to create a powerful antiseptic. Pair with Juniper Berry and Sweet Orange for a lively holiday blend.

Sweet Orange [Citrus sinensis]

Gentle and powerful is a perfect description of Sweet Orange.  Useful for many ailments, Orange has antibacterial qualities but is also known to be calming and soothing.  It’s an excellent choice for respiratory support, clearing infections, and has impressive effects in supporting digestion. With a citrusy, bright and fresh aroma, Sweet Orange is often used in natural cleaning products as it is an air purifier--great for a room refreshing spray. Blend with Lavender and Geranium for a soothing scent to ease tension and alleviate exhaustion. Sweet Orange can be skin sensitizing so be careful with direct contact to the skin. In the rare case of skin discomfort use a vegetable oil (olive, coconut, sunflower etc.) on the area and to remove the essential oil.


Sweet Basil  {Ocimum basilicum]

Known as ‘Sweet’ Basil  this essential oils gem is herbaceous and a little spicy. Helpful for headaches, plus muscle and inflammation it's a favorite on Aromatherapists’ short list. This antibacterial, antiseptic, and even a little sedative essential oil has a long history and was once one of the most commonly found herbs in any medicinal kit. Sweet Basil  is often described as warm, green, spicy, herbaceous. Blend with rosemary,laurel , and peppermint with a lively and herbaceous blend.  

Since the kitchen tends to be the most odorous room in the house, why not use these herbaceous essential oils as a freshening spray? Alternatively, you could even use a 2-4 drops in a whole bucket of water clean counters and floors. To make a room spray.