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Our top 5 Essential Oils For The Summer!

Our top 5 Essential Oils For The Summer!

Our Top 5 Essential Oils For The Summer!

Summertime is all about free time and sunshine! And we have 5 essential oils that are our favorites. These Top 5 essential oils are great for helping us cool off and keep our skin healthy and glowing. And their uplifting aromas will make sure our summer energy stays with us!

 Sweet Orange:  An essential oils from the peel of the orange, this oil is super uplifting and fun.  It’s refreshing and vibrant scent helps keep us energized and feeling positive.  Try blending 20 drops into one ounce spray bottle of distilled water and spritzing yourself throughout those long hot summer days.

 Palmarosa:  This essential oil is steam distilled from a grassy-like bush and has the faint aroma of roses and citrus.  It’s a great oil to have on hand to help keep those summer insects at bay, but is also very cooling and refreshing.  It blends well with orange, and can be really soothing for slight sun-burn.  Try mixing about 10 drops into an ounce of aloe vera gel!

 Geranium: We love to carry this essential oil with us where ever we travel during the summer!  It’s an excellent “first aid” oil and can soothe and calm any mishap!  It’s known for keeping our emotions in balance, and has molecules that are great at keeping germs at bay.  It’s also really calming, so when we feel all hot and bothered, it can bring us a little peace of mind. Try adding 15 drops to one ounce of a carrier oil and massaging your neck and shoulders.

Basil:  This herb really blossoms during the summer and the essential oil is steam distilled from the sweet tender leaves.  A great oil to soothe irritation and clear the mind, especially when feeling over-heated and tense.  We love it to calm our breath and center our feelings, and suggest blending it with some Sweet Orange and dropping a few drops into a combination of sea salt and Olive oil for a great refreshing summer salt scrub!

 Fennel:  Fennel seed oil is all about moving, and summer is the time we are the most active!  We love its uplifting and energizing aroma and its licorice-like scent is also very cooling for those hot humid days.  Try adding 4 or five drops to an unscented liquid soap like castille soap, and suing as a refreshing body wash!