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The Benefits of Sustainability (and Why We’re Passionate About it)

The Benefits of Sustainability (and Why We’re Passionate About it)

Here at Shaman Essential Oils and at our parent company, Kalustyan Corporation, sustainability is one of our hallmarks. That’s not marketing talk, either. It’s a passion for us; a personal commitment; a philosophy we live and work by on a daily basis.

What is sustainability? It’s striking a balance between our needs as a modern society and the needs of nature, ensuring that what we consume is replenished, and that the things we take or produce from what Mother Nature provides is taken and produced in such a way that minimal harm is done to the environment. All of this is done with the goal of ensuring that the world remains the beautiful place it is and so that future generations can enjoy the world just as we do.

Okay, that sounds great, but perhaps it sounds a little vague to you. Maybe you want to know how sustainability can better the world NOW instead of many years in the future.

With that in mind, here are some of the more specific benefits of working, operating, and living in a sustainable way:

It Can Help End Hunger

Sustainable farming means good, sound practices that can help produce the food needed to sustain the world’s growing population now and for years to come. Quick fixes and shortcuts are short-term solutions that leave us ill-prepared to address the hunger crisis in much of the underdeveloped world. Sustainable practices, however, can help transform a region.

It Can Help Save You Money

Sustainable living does not just apply to business practices and farming techniques. It also extends to your day-to-day decisions as a consumer. Do you actually need that new iPhone every year? What about the heaps of clothing you go through each year, most if it in the back of your closet, unlikely to ever be worn? When you have your mind on minimizing consumer waste, you not only ease the impact on the environment of all these industrial workings, you also save yourself money. Often, a lot of it.

It Can Be Educational

Sustainability isn’t as simple as tossing your plastics into the right can for recycling pickup. When you learn about best practices when it comes to sustainability, you also learn about how our world functions in a myriad of ways: economically, socially, culturally, and of course, naturally. Understanding our place in the world and how we fit into the vast, complicated web of life can be eye-opening, informative, and educational.

It Can Make You More Aware

Related to the point above, having a focus on sustainability is not just informative, it can also transform the way we see ourselves and our place in the world. You begin to think about what you consume, what you waste, what you throw away, what you purchase and how it got to you, and so much more. You consider not just your needs, but how your needs impact the world around you – and that kind of self-awareness is priceless.

At Shaman Essential Oils, we talk a lot about sustainability because it’s an integral part of our company culture, but sometimes it’s good to pause and consider why sustainability is important on a personal level, too.

And based on the above and more, we think you’ll agree that it’s very important indeed.

To learn more about our sustainable practices, contact us at HELLO@SHAMANOILS.COM.