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Traveling Overseas: 8 Tips To Make Your Journey Easier

Traveling Overseas: 8 Tips To Make Your Journey Easier

Here at Shaman Essential Oils, we do a lot of traveling. In part that's because finding the finest sources for our pure essential oils is a vital part of what we do. It's also because we cherish the world's beauty and the people who inhabit it, and we love to experience the varied people and places the world has to offer.

Travel can be difficult, though, which is why we've compiled some simple tips to help you in yours. Because when we share our essential oils with you, it's because we also want to share the world's bounty and beauty with you!

So when you travel, keep these ideas in mind:

1) Create A Packing List – And do it well ahead of time. Create a list of what you will need to pack a few weeks ahead of time. Check items off as you pack them. Review the list prior to packing to ensure you’re not forgetting something important. And ensure any relevant documents you’ll need are on the list!

2) Make A To-Do List – Lists are extremely helpful for organizing and staying focused. Creating a to-do list is a good idea - and not just regarding your travel itinerary, but for important planning ideas many people overlook, too, such as how and where to convert currency, ensuring your mobile devices will work, and so on. This will allow you to make sure you take care of everything that needs to be taken care of when you’re gone.

3) Prepare Your Contact Information – You’ll want to have the contact information for any guides, contacts, and other locals you may need (your hotel manager, for instance) readily available. Don’t trust it all to your smartphone, either. Have a printed backup ready, just in case.

4) Buy A Language Guide – If you’re traveling to a country that primarily speaks a language you don’t speak, get a small language guide (and to study it beforehand). In some cases you may be working with a guide, who will assist you during your stay, but it never hurts to have a little help in your pocket when you have to ask basic questions such as, “Where is the bathroom?”

5) Learn Local Customs – The small things matter. The customs you may be used to in the United States or United Kingdom – how to greet people, whether or not to leave a tip, and so on – may be seen in a different light elsewhere. Such customs differ from country to country. Brush up on these seemingly minor (but actually quite important) social details to leave a good impression and to make it easier for you to navigate another country.

6) Brush Up On Currency – One of the more difficult adjustments you may have to make is something we take for granted in our daily lives: currency. Having a rough understanding of how the dollar or pound translates overseas will make your trip much easier.

And we don’t merely mean the exchange rate. Rather, we mean general knowledge of how much things cost in the local currency. Meals, food, gifts, and so on. The more familiar with this you are, the more comfortable you will be (and the less likely you’ll find yourself scammed by a local who can spot a mark a mile away).

7) Create A Daily Budget – Traveling overseas can be costly, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Do your research beforehand and plan out a daily budget to ensure you can make your money last. Remember to factor in meals, transportation, sundries, and obviously the cost of lodging. Allow yourself a little wiggle room for unexpected spending, too - because there is always unexpected spending!

8) Plan For Communication (Wi-Fi, etc.) – You’re going to want to remain in touch with the world, but that might take some planning. Do your research beforehand to ensure you’ll have available wi-fi spots and Internet communication where you’ll be staying. Also remember to have the proper adapters for your phone and other devices, since electrical outlets differ overseas!

Traveling is fun, education, and for us, helps us further our mission of sourcing the world's best essential oils. We hope your travel experience is as good as ours!