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Why Sustainability is Important to Us (and to You)

Why Sustainability is Important to Us (and to You)

As you explore the growing world of Shaman Essential Oils, you’ll make many discoveries. The joy of using Shaman orange oil’s citrusy aroma; the uplifting feeling of our Shaman Smile aromatherapy blend; the strict quality standards we hold ourselves and our suppliers to.

And in that exploration you’ll see an idea come up again and again: sustainability.

What is sustainability? Put in simple terms, it’s the idea of producing or gathering something in a way that meets the needs of the present without jeopardizing the needs of the future.

Gathering a finite resource or using farming techniques that are focused only on quick and immediate profit is not sustainable.

Focusing on renewable resources (and consuming them at a rate equal or lesser to that at which they are renewed), and using agricultural techniques that encourage long-term, natural production is sustainable.

In the 70 years our parent company has been a world leader in sourcing and producing herbs and spices, and in the more recent years since we have created Shaman Oils, sustainability has been central to everything we do. That’s not marketing and buzzwords, either. It’s a core part of our entire corporate philosophy.

There are good reasons for that, too. Here is why sustainability is important to us:

It Protects the Environment

As a company that relies on what Mother Nature provides to us, sustainable practices are essential to our survival. But more importantly, as human beings, we recognize that we share this planet with billions of others. Mother Nature is precious. Leaving future generations a legacy of prosperity and plenty is vital.

It’s Good for Our Partner Communities

We own much of our own land and produce many of our own flowers, herbs, and spices, but much of our product also comes from partnerships with communities around the world. These agricultural communities rely entirely on what they can produce from nature’s bounty. Encouraging sustainable practices ensures all these hard working people, our partners and friends, can continue their way of life.

It Builds a Better Society

The fact is, when people are educated about how their actions impact the world around them, they will be more likely to treat that world – and one another – with respect.  Encouraging sustainable practices helps put people in a mindset where they consider things beyond themselves and/or the immediacy of today. That results in bigger, broader thinking and fosters ideas and practices that can extend into other areas of life – and that’s good for everyone.

It Results in Long-Term Economic Growth

Chasing after the almighty dollar can be alluring. After all, it’s quick and immediate and you can feel the results right now. But in reality, long-term thinking is required for true long-term growth. When you grow sustainably, you ensure success not just today, but tomorrow, the day after, and for generations to come. Why think only of ourselves? That kind of thinking is not sustainable!

For anyone who wants to leave behind a positive legacy, whether it’s socially, economically, or environmentally, pursuing sustainable practices is a vital part of that.

That’s why the Shaman Essential Oils family believes in sustainable practices, and hopefully it’s why you do, too.

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