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Why Using A Diffuser Is Beneficial In The Winter

Why Using A Diffuser Is Beneficial In The Winter

During the winter months, there are certain concerns that you might not deal with during the spring, summer, or fall. Many people catch a cold or another illness during the winter. Others may have joint pain that is related to the cold weather. Dry skin and chapped lips are also common problems. In some people, dry and cold air triggers their asthma symptoms. An essential oil diffuser kit may help you feel better during these chilly temperatures. A typical kit includes a diffuser and a selection of common essential oils that help with some of the most frequent maladies of the winter season.

Choose a Diffuser Style

There are several styles of diffusers. These include the nebulizer, ultrasonic, heat, and evaporative styles. Each type of diffuser has its own benefits. Heat diffusers may be a good choice if your home has electric heat or the indoor air is dry. Evaporative diffusers either use a fan or are worn around your neck, with your movement providing air flow around the material that absorbed the oil from your aromatherapy bottles. A nebulizer diffuser makes aerosols out of the essential oil. The aerosols disperse throughout your home and typically attach directly to your aromatherapy bottles. Ultrasonic diffusers double as humidifiers. They are a good choice if someone in your home has respiratory concerns or when the air inside is dry throughout the winter.

Add Humidity to the Air

An ultrasonic diffuser adds humidity to your home. This could be helpful during the winter if your heating system does not already have a built-in humidifier. Adding some moisture to the air may make it easier for you to breathe. If anyone in your home has a chronic breathing condition or catches a respiratory illness, the increased humidity combined with the healing properties of essential oils promotes wellness. Keeping your nose and throat moist promotes a faster healing time and reduces the discomfort of chapped skin on your lips and nose.

Boost Immune System Function

When you are cooped up indoors, it is easy to spread germs such as colds and influenza. Many essential oils offer immune-boosting properties. Citrus oils are known for their energizing and immune system benefits. If winter has you feeling tired or you have caught a cold that is leaving you with insufficient energy, using these oils in your diffuser may help you feel more like yourself again.

Diffuser Oil Blends to Try

When you purchase an aromatherapy kit, it usually comes with some different essential oils. You can combine them in order to create diffuser oil blends to use for a variety of situations throughout the winter. Check out our recipes for joint pain, respiratory concerns, or immune health. These recipes use the essential oils that are included in an aromatherapy kit. If you find an oil that you are interested in, consider adding it to your diffuser on its own or with a blend of one or two others with complementary properties.

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