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Essential oils are highly beneficial. And, these benefits can be multiplied when different essential oils are mixed and are made to work in synergy. The combined effects offer you the best health benefits.

The process of creating blends of essential oils starts by categorizing different essential oils into groups that share the same properties, including their chemical composition, effects and smell. Blends are created by mixing two to five oils, based on the choice of end results or benefits desired from the mixture. For instance, mixing rosemary, lavender and peppermint essential oils gives a blend that is energizing, calming and detoxifying.

Blends are also created based on the particular scent of the essential oil. We prefer blending oils that belongs to the same category of scent type to intensify the effects. For example, mixing lavender, rose, vanilla and Ylang gives a blend that has an intense flowery scent that can be very soothing and prominent.

Blends offer a significant benefit over single oils. Blending one essential oil with another actually complements the properties and balances out any that are missing in one. Sometimes, it even suppresses the negative properties of one oil, which could have otherwise led to side-effects when applied alone. However, side effects of an essential oil completely depend on the individual, since different people’s skin reacts differently to differently oils.

At Shaman Oils, we offer you a unique collection of blends, available in packs of 10 ml. In these blends, essential oils are thoughtfully mixed, based on extensive research, to bring you the highest quality, 100% natural products.