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Coconut Oil - Cocos Nucifera
Coconut Oil - Cocos Nucifera


Coconut Oil ( Cocos Nucifera)

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The Oil or Coconut Oil is a vegetable oil. It is a fatty substance which contains about 90% saturated acids extracted from the pulp or core by pressing the coconut (Cocos nucifera). From the fruit, only 6 to 8% are seeds. From these seeds are extracted 65 to 68% of a white to slightly yellowish oil.

In Coconut Oil are found lots of substances, including essential fatty acids and glycerol, which is important for the body – It helps the body to produce saturated and unsaturated fatty acids according to their needs. The coconut oil has a high content of lauric, myristic and caprylic acids, among others.

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Aromatic Description

Coconut Odor


  • Common Name: Coconut Oil 
  • Plant Part used: Pulp– fruit – core 
  • Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera oil  
  • Refinement Techniques : Gross oil 
  • Cas Number: 8001-31-8 
  • Color : White 
  • Botanical Family: Palmae
  • Country of Origin: Brazil 
  • Method of Extraction: Cold pressing
  • Cultivation method: Wild harvest 


Aromatherapy Uses

Can be used 100 % or in a blend with other oils
The Coconut Oil, has emollient properties and can be used in products for skin care and hair as bar soaps, conditioners, bath oils due to its moisturizing action.
Promotes skin hydration without increasing their oils, suitable for formulations for dry skins and oily skin. It is also a oil phase carrier.
Studies have shown that skin pretreatment with lauric acid increases its permeability to certain active substances.
It is commonly used to manufacture soap, replacing the animal and mineral fats, and as a raw material for the production of surfactants for industrial and cosmetic purposes. Displays emulsifying properties which justify their use in the preparation of emulsion type O / A.

Fatty Acid


Oleic Acid

5.4-9.9 %

Linoleic Acid

0.5-1.8 %

Lauric Acid


Palmitic Acid

4-10.2 %

Stearic Acid

1-5 %

Myristic Acid

16-21 %



Generally regarded as safe, no known health concerns. Make cause skin sensitivity for those with very sensitive skin. Do not ingest. But very gentle and safe to use topically.


Approximate Shelf Life: Approximately 1 year if stored in a cool and dry place. Storage keep container tightly closed in a coolwell ventilated place. Keep away from oxidizing agents, heat, direct light and open flame.

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