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Jojoba Oil Organic - Simmondsia chinensis
Jojoba Oil Organic - Simmondsia chinensis
Jojoba Oil Organic - Simmondsia chinensis


Jojoba Oil Organic ( Simmondsia chinensis)

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Jojoba (Simmodsia chinensis) is a perennial woody shrub native to the semiarid regions of Southern Arizona, Southern California and Northwestern Mexico.Native Americans discovered the importance and versatility of jojoba. These indigenous people were heating jojoba seeds to soften them to create a buttery-like substance. It was use to treat burns and applied to the skin and hair to aid in healing. A viscous and penetrative emollient, Jojoba Oil is technically a liquid plant wax (ester), which are primarily used for moisture control, protection, and emolliency. Jojoba Oils closely resembles the natural sebum and PH of the skin.A natural anti-inflammatory, studies confirm the effective use of for eczema, psoriasis, and inflamed skin. High in tocopherols, or Vitamin E which eliminate free radicals and oxidation and extend the life of other oils. Pronounced as ho-ho-ba.

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Aromatic Description

Almond Like

Essential Data

  • Common Name: Jojoba Oil
  • Plant Part used: Seeds
  • Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis
  • Refinement Techniques : Virgin
  • Cas Number: 617889-91-1
  • Color : Slightly yellow 
  • Botanical Family: Simmondsiaceae
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Method of Extraction: Cold pressed
  • Cultivation method: Organic & 100% Pure and Natural 

Aromatherapy Applications

  • Great for hair, it aids the relieves dry scalp and dandruff.
  • Very moisturizing, it is recommended for skin care and preventative aging.
  • Researches show the effect of Jojoba in helping wounds and stretch marks heal.
  • Good for oily and combination skin, Jojoba and has been used to dissolve clogged pores and support the natural PH of skin.
  • Supportive for nails and cuticles.

Fatty Acid


Oleic Acid 5-15  %
Gadoleic Acid 65-80 %
Palmitic Acid 1 %
Palmitoleic Acid 1 %
Tocopherol 79.2%



  • Generally regarded as safe, no known health concerns.
  • Perform a patch test before use.
  • Do not ingest.


  • If stored in a cool and dry place, shelf life is approximately 1 year.
  • Keep container tightly closed in a cool well-ventilated place.
  • Keep away from oxidizing agents, heat, direct light, and open flame.


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