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Popularly known as flower waters, hydrosols are obtained by the distillation of flowers, fresh leaves, fruits and other plant materials. During the distillation process, the plant matter imparts aromatic and therapeutic properties to the hydrosol.

Hydrosols are clear and water-soluble compounds. The name “hydrosol” is derived from the Latin word “hydro” meaning water and “sol” means “solution.”  They are also known as hydrolats or hydrolates.

In comparison with traditional essential oils, they are much less concentrated and therefore easier to use directly. Moreover, their aroma is much softer and subtler. After a long day, nothing can give you as refreshing an experience as an organic hydrosols spray, used directly on the skin. Hydrosols can energize you and uplift your mood in no time. Their cooling effect help make you feel awake and refreshed. 

The uses of hydrosols, such as lavender, rose and sage, are almost endless. They are majorly used in beauty products like cream cleansers as hydrating components. They are also used in perfumes, facial toners, deodorants, air fresheners and aromatic sprays. They are even used in foot sprays, as anti-itch sprays, and even linen sprays. 

We offer a complete range of organic and certified hydrosols that are carefully extracted from plants by artisan distillers who have dedicated their whole life, just like the generations before them, to oil extraction from botanical ingredients.

In comparison with essential oils, hydrosols are much more prone to contamination, since they are water-based. Therefore, they should be kept in the refrigerator, and handled with care.