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Anise - Pimpinella anisum
Anise - Pimpinella anisum
Anise - Pimpinella anisum
Anise - Pimpinella anisum


Anise ( Pimpinella anisum)

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Anise has the unique and delicious aroma of licorice and has been used for centuries across cultures as a culinary herb to sweeten and flavor desserts as well as support digestion and sweeten the breath. It’s an herb-like fragrant plant that grows only about 2-3 ft. Due to its high content of Phenylpropenoids, Anise Seed Essential Oil should be used with caution and never applied directly to the skin.

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Diffussion: Use two to three drops with Shaman Diffuser.

Topical use: Blend with Shaman Carrier Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.

DIY: Use it in your DIY projects for household products.


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Calming - Creativity

Aromatic Description

Licorice - Sweet - Rich - Bright - Green - Fresh

Essential Data

  • Common Name: Anise Oil 
  • Fragrance Note: Mid 
  • Botanical Name: Pimpinella anisum
  • Oil Color: Clear
  • Botanical Family: Apiaceae
  • Viscosity: Light
  • Farming Method: 100 % Pure and Natural 
  • Extraction Method: Steam distillation
  • Country of Origin: Egypt
  • Part of Plant Used: Seeds


Aromatherapy Applications

• Topical

Soothing to the digestive tract and calming to the nerves. Also great affinity to breathing and clearing the mind, helps the body let go and move forward, and circulate. Research has shown that due to its unique molecular composition the oil has demonstrated these activities in the laboratory: Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, antispasmodic, antibacterial, promotes gastrointestinal mobility, pain-relieving, emotionally balancing, and uplifting.

• Psyche and Emotions

Balancing to our emotions that are caused by hormonal disruption. It is stimulating and encourages the flow of ideas and creativity, and can assist with creative blockages by initiating a breakthrough. Can help to push us of feeling stuck and redirect our focus towards pure potential.


Potentially skin irritating if used without a carrier.
Best used in low dilutions and only for a short period of time.
Perform a patch test before use.
Not recommended for use with infants.
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid if pregnant or nursing
Do not ingest.


• If stored in a cool and dry place, shelf life is approximately 4-5 years.
• Keep container tightly closed in a cool well ventilated place.
• Keep away from oxidizing agents, heat, direct light, and open flame.


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