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Coriander Herb - Coriandrum sativum L
Coriander Herb - Coriandrum sativum L
Coriander Herb - Coriandrum sativum L
Coriander Herb - Coriandrum sativum L


Coriander Herb ( Coriandrum sativum L)

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Native to the Southern Area of Europe along the Mediterranean Coriander grows to about 2 feet and has little tiny flowers that seed quickly and drop once they are matured. There is evidence of a long history this herb being medicinally throughout India and Egypt. The seeds and herb and were used by the Egyptians as an aphrodisiac. Early Sanskrit teachings have revealed its use as a digestive, along with affinities towards the respiratory and kidney/bladder systems. The plant now grows all over the world, and it’ s leaves are known as the herb Cilantro.

It’s chemical composition is primarily Monoterpene alcohols which demonstrate its strong anti-inflammatory activities and its ability to soothe upsets, both physically and emotionally by relaxing muscles, and supporting digestion.

Description | Reviews

Diffussion: Use two to three drops with Shaman Diffuser.

Topical use: Blend with Shaman Carrier Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.

DIY: Use it in your DIY projects for household products.

P : 100% Pure and Natural

U : Unmatched Quality & Authentic

R : Reliable & Trusted Sources

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Energizing - Motivating

Aromatic Description

Spicy - Vibrant - Crisp - Warm - Strong - Green - Sweet

Essential Data

  • Common Name: Coriander Herb Oil 
  • Fragrance Note: Mid 
  • Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum L
  • Oil Color: Clear to very pale yellow
  • Botanical Family: Apiaceae
  • Viscosity: Light
  • Farming Method: 100 % Pure and Natural 
  • Extraction Method: Steam distillation
  • Country of Origin: Egypt
  • Part of Plant Used: Herb 


Aromatherapy Applications

• Topical

Coriander Herb Essential Oil is energizing especially when we feel over-worked and exhausted. It’s effective when joints are sore and swollen, and soothes digestive upsets, by promoting circulation and movement. Tonifying to the mind and body. Coriander Herb Essential Oil provides a warm feeling of relaxation.

Research has shown that due to its unique molecular composition the oil has demonstrated these activities in the laboratory: Pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, a gentle expectorant, mucolytic, soothes anxiety, tonifying, anti-anxiety, supports circulation. It’s high content of the Linalool molecule clearly demonstrates its strongly soothing characteristic.

• Psyche and Emotions

Gently warming and supporting us so anxiety “melts away” and we can “digest” all that is troubling us. It increases our motivation, pushes us to open-minded, and to look with a new perspective.


Potentially skin irritating if used without a carrier.
Best used in low dilutions and only for a short period of time.
Perform a patch test before use.
Not recommended for use with infants.
Keep out of reach of children.
Use caution if nursing.
Do not ingest.


If stored in a cool and dry place, shelf life is approximately 4-5 years.
Keep container tightly closed in a cool well ventilated place.
Keep away from oxidizing agents, heat, direct light, and open flame.


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Research and Sources

Silva F, Ferreira S, QueirozJ A, DominguesF C. (2011). Coriander (Coriandrumsativum L.) essential oil: its antibacterial activity and mode of action evaluated by flow cytometry. Journal of Medical Microbiology, 60, 1479–1486.