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Single Oils

Essential oils are a simple and convenient way to gain health benefits and reduce stress. They are used as moisturizers, massage oils, soaks, body mists, scrubs, scalp oils, shampoos, hair serums, room mists and diffusions. Another key area in which these oils are used in Aromatherapy. The plant chemical compounds in these oils help the vitamins and minerals present are made to enter into the bloodstream to show results.

The history of essential oils dates back to as early as 4,500 BCE, when Egyptians used essential oils for their aroma, as well as for ointments or cosmetology. “Kyphi” was a very famous herbal mix of 16 essential oils, used a perfume, incense and medicine at that time.  

Also known as ethereal oil or volatile oil, essential oils are concentrated liquids extracted from plants. It contains the chemical compound or the “essence of” the plant, which gives it a distinguished aroma and fragrance. Different essential oils are used for different purposes. For instance, lavender is used for calmness and relaxation, peppermint for mood upliftment, tea tree oil for its purifying and cleaning properties and rosemary for energy and purification.

Extensive research has revealed that essential oils have anti-bacterial properties too, which can suppress or kill many fungal and bacterial stains that can useful in getting relive from sore throat, and viral infections. Certain essential oils can also be used to eliminate toxins and improve the immune system.

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