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Everything you need to know to begin your essential oil journey.

What is an Essential Oil?

Essential Oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from an aromatic plant, like Lavender. It is highly concentrated and molecularly complex, and contains the healing force, or “essence” of the plant, which has been estimated to be 75 to 100 times stronger than the dried plant material on its own. To call these uniquely powerfull and dynamically rich substances “oils” is slightly misleading, because a genuine and authentic Essential Oil does not feel “oily” or “greasy”, but rather evaporates quickly and feels dry to the touch. The reason why they are referred to as “oils” is due entirely to their lipophilic nature, meaning they are not water soluble. Furthermore, all plants produce Essential Oils which are essential to their survival, however, not all aromatic components, can be picked up by scent. The human sense of smell is not as robust as animals or insects, and is therefore limited in the quantity and range of aromatic plants that we can smell. Essential Oils never dissolve in water, or leave a greasy residue or film, on clothing or on paper. They should always be kept out of direct sunlight, or direct heat, and should never be ingested (unless under the expert guidance of a qualified Aromatherapist).

How are Essential Oils made?

There are 5 methods of extracting the aromatic components and substances from plants, but only 2 yield true Essential Oils, and those are: 1) Steam Distillation 2) Cold Expression The other three methods include: 3) Enfleurage 4) C02 extraction 5) Solvent extraction

Are Shaman Essential Oils organic?

Most of our oils are “organic” and some are classified as “wild harvest” or “conventional quality.

What is a Hydrosol?

Hydrosols are the aqueous by product of the steam distillation process; it is the waters that remain after the Essential Oils have been collected. Hydrosols contain trace amounts of both aromatic and phytochemical components from the plants they were extracted from, that can offer a gentle and profound therapeutic experience. They are beautiful additions to be used on their own as toners, aromatic mists, or to also add into products like creams and gels. They are great choices to use with children, the elderly or anyone who is feeling very weak and depleted.

What is a Butter?

Butters are the fatty extracts from the seeds, nuts, pits of various plant materials and because of their unique molecular structure, they easily solidify in cool conditions. The molecules that make these substances thick and butter-like are very nutritive and soothing to our skin and can be excellent choices for base ingredients if blending body lotions, creams and balms. Our selection of butters are extracted traditionally using minimal heat and cold-pressing techniques, without the use of solvents or other synthetic components, ensuring their purity, quality and efficacy.

What is a Carrier Oil

Carrier Oils are extracted and cold-pressed from nut, seed, and fruit oils. They possess a dynamic range of fatty molecules that have been shown to improve the appearance and health of our skin. Carrier Oils, or Vegetable Oils, are called “carrier” oils because they help “carry” the Essential Oil molecules into the layers of our skin. At Shaman Oils, we are committed to sourcing only USDA Certified Organic or pesticide controlled vegetable oils. We believe it is important to maintain the oils wide array of richly nutritive components intact. All Shaman Vegetable Oils are Cold Pressed; some are refined and deodorized using processes that align with our values of quality and sustainability. At times, refining and deodorizing is necessary to remove impurities that may threaten the oils purity.

Which Shaman Oil distilled from flowers?

The Shaman Essential Oils that come from flowers are German Chamomile, Helichrysum, Lavender, Rose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

Which Shaman Oil distilled from leaves?

The Shaman Essential Oils that come from leaves are Basil, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Laurel Leaf, Marjoram, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Sage, Coriander Herb, Dillweed, Oregano, Patchouli, Palmarosa, Rosemary and Tagetes.

Which Shaman Oil distilled from fruits?

The Shaman Essential Oils that come from fruits are Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Blood Orange and Red Mandarin.

Which Shaman Oil distilled from woods?

The Shaman Essential Oil that comes from wood is Sandalwood.

Which Shaman Oil distilled from resins?

The Shaman Essential Oil that comes from resin is Frankincense.

Which Shaman Essential Oil distilled from seeds?

The Shaman Essential Oils that come from seeds are Anise and Fennel Seed.

Which Shaman Essential Oil distilled from berries?

The Shaman Essential Oils that come from berries are Juniper Berries and Juniper Red.

Which Shaman Essential Oil distilled from roots?

The Shaman Essential Oil that comes from a root is Vetiver.

Which Shaman Essential Oil that you would recommend for better breathing?

Frankincense, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Sage, Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

Which Shaman Essential Oil that you would recommend for chakras?

All the Shaman Essential Oils are recommended for chakras.

Which Shaman Essential Oil that you would recommend for energy?

Orange, Fennel Seed, Lemon, Peppermint and YlangYlang.

Which Shaman Essentail Oil that you would recommend for cleaning?

Lemon, Peppermint, Sage, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary and Laurel Leaf.

Which Shaman Essential Oil that you would recommend for sleep?

Geranium, Lavender, Marjoram, Jasmine Absolute, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Patchouli and Juniper Berries.

Which Essential Oil that you would recommend for mood?

Frankincense, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Patchouli, Red Mandarin, Orange and Peppermint.

Which Essential Oil that you would recommend for skin care?

Lavender, Helichrysum and Tea Tree.

Are Shaman Essential Oils safe for kids?

We don’t recommend the use of Essential Oils with children under 18 months of age. Children’s skin and lungs at this age are quite sensitive and they are still developing their immune systems, however, if you would like to introduce the oils to your children, we believe the most effective way to do it is by using hydrosols. Check out our beautiful collection of hydrosols to see what would work best with children. Children between the ages of 18 months and 13 years of age may use Essential Oils but make sure the ratio of Essential Oil to the base (the carrier) is very low. An example would be: 5-8 drops of Essential Oil to 1 ounce of carrier. It’s important to always read the safety profile of each Essential Oil before introducing them to children.

Are Shaman Essential Oils safe for pets?

Shaman Essential Oils are nice to use with pets, however, the oils must be very diluted and used in carriers that are edible, like olive or sunflower oils. Dilution should be between 5% - 1%, meaning only 3-6 drops of Shaman Essential Oil per ounce and make sure the room is well ventilated. Please note that the smaller the animal we would recommend not applying directly. It’s important to note that cats are extremely sensitive and we would not recommend using with cats, birds, or small creatures like pet mice, rats, rabbits, etc

How often can Shaman Essential Oil be applied and how much can I use?

We recommend using Shaman Essential Oils no more than 5-6 times a day and if the blend you are using is strong, be mindful not to exceed 5 times per day. Shaman Essential Oils should always be diluted down before applying topically, and if the dilution is 5% or below you can use as often as needed. If using in a diffuser, make sure the room you are diffusing in, is well ventilated, and that the diffuser is on a timer, alternating off and on, to give the lungs and body a break. Never diffuse Essential Oils in a child's room aged 2 or younger without ventilation.

Are there some Shaman Essential Oils that should be avoided during pregnancy and why?

We recommend avoiding the use of all Essential Oils during the first trimester; though some women have found a little relief from the nausea by the scent of citrus oils throughout the day, but not applying any to the body. For the second and third trimester, make sure to first check with a health care provider and be under the careful guidance of a certified Aromatherapist.

How can I use Shaman Essential Oils for topical application?

We recommend blending your Shaman Essential Oils into one of the Shaman Carrier Oil, and we have a great variety to choose from, and then massaging and rubbing onto the body. This method of application is quite effective because the potent molecules are absorbed through your skin, while the scent of the whole blend, can have an emotional and psychological impact on your unconscious mind.

What are the Essential Oils every family should consider buying?

The most basic and commonly used Shaman Essential Oils are Peppermint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang, Sage and Juniper Berries.

What are the best kits to have?

Some of the kits that we offer assist with headaches, stress, sleep, muscle pain, first aid, camping and we also recommend the following Single Essential Oils for DIY recipes.

Where do your oils come from?

The ingredients we use for Shaman Essential Oils come from around the world. Over the years, we’ve grown to become one of the top global importers and producer of herbs, spices, and aromatics. In 2013, we launched our joint ventures in Egypt, Albania, and Turkey to service the marketplace with reliable merchandise straight from source. We made a promise to delivering superior ingredients without compromising the safety, quality and price to our customers. We’re proactively investing heavily in the processes and the equipment necessary to meet increasingly high expectations.

Can you use Shaman Essentials Oils internally?

We don’t recommend using any Essential Oils internally.

What kinds of diffusers are there and which one should I buy?

Diffusers are used to diffuse different Essential Oil scents into the air of your home, workplace, etc. They’re ideal tools to help create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. There are several kinds of diffusers available, but the most powerful is called a Nebulizer Diffuser which doesn’t require any water and uses atomizer technology. Since this doesn’t use any water, the Essential Oils diffused into your space are more concentrated and completely undiluted. This allows for a longer lasting scent covering a wider area and it protect the integrity of the molecules. If you do decide to use a diffuser, make sure the room is well ventilated, and that the diffuser is on a timer.

How should I store Shaman Essential Oils?

Make sure to keep the container tightly closed in a cool well-ventilated place. Keep away from oxidizing agents, heat, direct light and open flame.

How do I blend Shaman Essential Oils?

Blending tips:

  • You can blend different types of Shaman Oils together.
  • Check our recipes.
  • We recommend using Shaman Carrier Oil in the blend if you are going to use it topically as Essential Oils are very powerful and can cause irritation to the skin if too concentrated.