Green Cleaning Just in Time for the Holiday’s

By: Berrin Guvenir

As the holiday season approaches many of the gorgeous herbs we use in our culinary favorites have also been distilled into essential oils enabling us to use the herb in a whole new way. From refreshing to relaxation here are a few recipes to enjoy this Thanksgiving Season.

Coriander Leaf [Coriandrum sativum L]

One of the oldest spices mentioned in ancient literature has been used as part of food and ceremony for thousands of years. This fragrant yet subtle plant, has an aroma that is sweet, warm, and spicy. A good antifungal and helpful for headaches, Coriander’s best secret’s are released when it is blended with other essential oils to create a powerful antiseptic. Pair with Juniper Berry and Sweet Orange for a lively holiday blend.

Sweet Orange [Citrus sinensis]

Gentle and powerful is a perfect description of Sweet Orange.  Useful for many ailments, Orange has antibacterial qualities but is also known to be calming and soothing.  It’s an excellent choice for respiratory support, clearing infections, and has impressive effects in supporting digestion. With a citrusy, bright and fresh aroma, Sweet Orange is often used in natural cleaning products as it is an air purifier--great for a room refreshing spray. Blend with Lavender and Geranium for a soothing scent to ease tension and alleviate exhaustion. Sweet Orange can be skin sensitizing so be careful with direct contact to the skin. In the rare case of skin discomfort use a vegetable oil (olive, coconut, sunflower etc.) on the area and to remove the essential oil.


Sweet Basil  {Ocimum basilicum]

Known as ‘Sweet’ Basil  this essential oils gem is herbaceous and a little spicy. Helpful for headaches, plus muscle and inflammation it's a favorite on Aromatherapists’ short list. This antibacterial, antiseptic, and even a little sedative essential oil has a long history and was once one of the most commonly found herbs in any medicinal kit. Sweet Basil  is often described as warm, green, spicy, herbaceous. Blend with rosemary,laurel , and peppermint with a lively and herbaceous blend.  

Since the kitchen tends to be the most odorous room in the house, why not use these herbaceous essential oils as a freshening spray? Alternatively, you could even use a 2-4 drops in a whole bucket of water clean counters and floors. To make a room spray:

Essential Oil

Materials for Aromatic Spray @2.5% dilution

How to blend

10 drops of Coriander

13 drops of Sweet Basil

16 drops of Orange

  • (1) 2 oz Glass or PET plastic ‘mist’ bottle

  • (1) blank label

  • 2 oz of distilled spring water

  • 2% dilution

  • Pyrex measuring cup for water

  • 40 drops of Essential Oils

  • Measure 1.7 oz of distilled water in measuring cup

  • Drop 40 drops of EOs into measuring cup

  • Pour water and EO mixture into 2oz spray bottle

  • Fill the bottle to just below the rim

  • Do not overfill bottle or spray mister will cause an overflow

  • Label bottle

  • Shake and spray as needed

  • Use within 4-6 months

Jill Griffin-Hughes, founder of is a natural beauty expert, a Certified  Aromatherapy Teacher and Clinical Aromatherapist. She teaches aromatherapy workshops, product formulation,  and consults to health and wellness companies on marketing strategy, business development, digital therapeutics, and online information programs. She is the creator of Sense and Scent® Meditation which incorporates meditation and aromatherapy to aid participants in their mindfulness journey.

Our top 5 Essential Oils For The Summer!

By: Berrin Guvenir

Our Top 5 Essential Oils For The Summer!

Summertime is all about free time and sunshine! And we have 5 essential oils that are our favorites. These Top 5 essential oils are great for helping us cool off and keep our skin healthy and glowing. And their uplifting aromas will make sure our summer energy stays with us!


Sweet Orange:  An essential oils from the peel of the orange, this oil is super uplifting and fun.  It’s refreshing and vibrant scent helps keep us energized and feeling positive.  Try blending 20 drops into one ounce spray bottle of distilled water and spritzing yourself throughout those long hot summer days.


Palmarosa:  This essential oil is steam distilled from a grassy-like bush and has the faint aroma of roses and citrus.  It’s a great oil to have on hand to help keep those summer insects at bay, but is also very cooling and refreshing.  It blends well with orange, and can be really soothing for slight sun-burn.  Try mixing about 10 drops into an ounce of aloe vera gel!


Geranium: We love to carry this essential oil with us where ever we travel during the summer!  It’s an excellent “first aid” oil and can soothe and calm any mishap!  It’s known for keeping our emotions in balance, and has molecules that are great at keeping germs at bay.  It’s also really calming, so when we feel all hot and bothered, it can bring us a little peace of mind. Try adding 15 drops to one ounce of a carrier oil and massaging your neck and shoulders.


Basil:  This herb really blossoms during the summer and the essential oil is steam distilled from the sweet tender leaves.  A great oil to soothe irritation and clear the mind, especially when feeling over-heated and tense.  We love it to calm our breath and center our feelings, and suggest blending it with some Sweet Orange and dropping a few drops into a combination of sea salt and Olive oil for a great refreshing summer salt scrub!


Fennel:  Fennel seed oil is all about moving, and summer is the time we are the most active!  We love its uplifting and energizing aroma and its licorice-like scent is also very cooling for those hot humid days.  Try adding 4 or five drops to an unscented liquid soap like castille soap, and suing as a refreshing body wash!






Amy Galper, Executive Director and Founder

of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy


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